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Vashkoda writes...

The Hunters had a mechanical bird with them when they attacked Goliath, Angela and Hudson.

1a) How did they acquire the bird? b) Which Hunter did it belong to?

2a) Were they the first Hunters to use a bird of any kind in their hunt for Demona? b) If not, how common was it, and what kinds of birds were used?

3a) Will Castaway use such a bird again? b) Will Robyn?

4) Did they really consider the bird to be all that useful? It was destroyed rather easily. Why didn't they use such a bird again?

Greg responds...

1a. Like most of their weaponry, they purchased basic tech and adapted it to their own use.

1b. Jon.

2a. No.

2b. Probably falcons.

3a. Maybe.

3b. Maybe.

4. They didn't have a surplus.

Response recorded on December 07, 2000