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Heather N. Allen writes...

Hello, again!
Just some questions about our favorite yuppie couple...

Margot Yale is revealed in "The Journey" as the District DA. So what does Brendan do?
Also, common sense would say that 'Yale' is Brendan's last name. But...are they even married? And still, if they are, then Margot seems to me like the feminist type who would keep her last name after marraige. ^_^

So, to review...
1. What does Brendan do for a living?
2. Are they married?
3. What's Brendan's last name?

Hope I'm not being too picky or making too many assumptions.

Greg responds...

Margot's a Deputy District Attorney (or Assistant District Attorney, I can't remember). She's not THE D.A.

Brendan's job is currently a mystery.

Yale is not Brendan's last name, but yes, they're married.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000