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Anasatis writes...

First off; Thank you for devoting what I'm sure is a good part of your time to Keeping up your answers,informing us and giving those of us without toon Disney our daily dose of Gargoyles! You must really like us!

Now, The question I've always wanted to ask and never got around! I hope you have an answer:

What has happened in Matt Bluestones past? I am aware that you don't exclusively design all the characters, but you must know more about this mystery man then was revealed in the series thus far. I was suprised it hadn't come up before!
What's his family like?
Where did he grow up/go to college?
Why/How did he start in the FBI?
Why is he so paranoid? or Does he have a reason to be?

Please help me to shed some light on this intriguing subject.

Thanks You Much,

Greg responds...

I do really like you.

Matt's from a nice Jewish family in New York. He grew up in the neighborhood where Mr. Jaffe still runs a small grocery store. I don't know exactly where he went to college. Haven't thought about it.

Response recorded on September 02, 2000