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Faieq writes...

Quite some time ago you told us some of the religions of the humans and you asked whether you'd missed anyone. No-one major, but I was just wondering if you've given any thought in the religions of the following people:

1)Margot Yale


3)Officer Morgan

4)Fara Maku



7)The Emir

8)Travis Marshall?

I know most of these are very minor characters and that you probably haven't given any thought into them, but I was just wondering.

Greg responds...

1. Wasp.

2. Wasp.

3. I'm not sure. Christian of some denomination.

4. He practices the ancient religion of his people.

5. Is this Tea? I don't think she practices anything.

6. I'm not sure who you mean?

7. I'm sure he was Muslim originally. He's dead now.

8. I think he probably comes from a Protestant background, but I don't see him as being very religious now. Godless media and all that.

Response recorded on November 21, 2000