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Amer writes...

Greg, I've always been a fan of your work. I luv the Gargoyles series, but even more I luv'd when you did Captain Atom. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of the character since we last saw him in Kingdon Come II. Have you heard of anything up coming involving Cap and if so, are you going to play any part in it? Plus, do you miss doing Cap at all? Thanks.

Greg responds...

Aside from a single flashback story (involving Captain Atom and the JLE, meeting gargoyles in Paris) I haven't done any work for DC Comics since 1991.

I do miss working on Cap. Next to Gargoyles, it's the series I miss the most. But I long ago stopped following the character. The stuff they did immediately following my departure was as out of character for Cap and his supporting cast as Goliath Chronicles was for Gargoyles. More, maybe. (Simon Del Monte, are you out there to confirm?)

I have more than once expressed an interest to DC to coming back to either the character specifically or the DC Universe to play. But so far there hasn't been much interest. And I'm definitely not privvy to their plans.

But I'm glad you liked the stuff.

Response recorded on February 21, 2003