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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned in one of your most recent responses about the Rory/Cuchulain business reminding you of Thor as portrayed in Marvel Comics (and wanting to handle his transformation differently if you ever got to do Rory again). That part intrigued me because I'd been wondering for some time about the fact that there did seem to be a certain basic similarity between Rory/Cuchulain and Marvel's Thor (whom, I confess, I'm not that familiar with, but, because of my interest in Norse mythology, I did read up a fair amount on the Marvel Comics interpretation of the Norse myths). I did see the resemblance in the fact of a seemingly ordinary human transforming into a "real" mythological figure (Thor for Dr. Donald Blake, Cuchulain for Rory Dugan) through the use of a staff or cane that was really the traditional "magical weapon" of that figure (Mjolnir/the Gae Bolga). In your opinion, was there some influence there?

Greg responds...

Probably. Probably a certain lack of imagination too. Most likely, just a lack of time. Easy (familiar) solutions come to mind, and there isn't always the time to figure out something more unique. So again, we wind up heavily influenced by the great Jack Kirby. Now there are worse influences, by a long shot. But since all of American Comics have been influenced by Jack's work, I wish I had had time and thought to come up with something different. Of course, since then I've had plenty of time. And I have a few new ideas, but I'd need an artist to help me flesh them out...

I love how Banshee looks, by the way.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000