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matt writes...

1. before retrieving Goliath and company in "Avalon" had Tom ever met any of the other gargoyle clans around the world in his Avalon adventures? if not, was he aware that other gargoyle clans had survived around the world?

2. he said that he returned to the Mortal World every 100 years to see if Goliath and the clan had been awakened. did he just keep trying until Avalon sent him to Wyvern or what?

3. when he arrived at New York in "Avalon" did he know that Castle Wyvern and the clan had been moved there?

4. did any of the Avalon Clan gargs ever go with Tom on his journies? did the Magus or Katherine ever go with him?

5. before the Archmage assaulted Avalon and after Tom and the eggs and everyone first arrived did anyone ever come to Avalon using the spell or any other way?

Greg responds...

1. Not answering this at this time.

2. No. He usually learned what he needed to learn in one or two attempts.

3. Yes.

4. No.

5. Not answering this at this time.

Response recorded on August 06, 2001