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Vashkoda writes...

1) Ed previously asked how old Cagney was, and you asked "when?". So how old was he at the end of "The Journey"?

2a) Sadly, cats have nowhere near the lifespan of gargoyle beasts, and eventually, Cagney will pass away. Do you think Elisa would get another pet to replace him? b) Bronx is sort of the gargoyles' pet, but does Elisa consider him a little like her pet as well?

3a) How many offspring will Bronx and Boudicca have? b) Do all the pups stay with their mother on Avalon, or will any join their father in Manhattan? c) Will the other female beast that you said lived on Avalon also have a pup at the same time as Boudicca?

Greg responds...

1. About three.

2a. Don't know yet. Maybe.

2b. Not exactly. Like your best friend's pet.

3a. One for starters.

3b. With the Avalon clan for starters.

3c. Most likely.

Response recorded on November 13, 2000