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Roxie writes...

I have tried since day one to find out who the voices were for all the Gargoyles. I appreciate all the help you can give me. Thanks for a great page.

Greg responds...

Gotta say, you couldn't have tried too hard, since (with the exception of Fox, played by Laura San Giacomo) all the voice actors were clearly credited on the end credits, including which characters they played.

Here are the leads:

Goliath - Keith David
Elisa - Salli Richardson
Hudson - Edward Asner
Brooklyn - Jeff Bennett
Lexington - Thom Adcox-Hernandez
Broadway - Bill Faggerbakke
Angela - Brigitte Bako
Bronx - Frank Welker
Xanatos - Jonathan Frakes
Demona - Marina Sirtis
Owen - Jeff Bennett

Response recorded on November 10, 2003