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GARGS RULES!!! writes...

Hey Greg, I was just reading some of the posts about the actors/Actress in Gargoyles and it crossed my mind that no one (from what I read) asked if you knew any of them (the actors) so I thought I would ask.

Do you see them a lot if ever?

Are you good friends with any of them?

If so who do you know the most? see the most and live closest too?

hehe, I know you'll probaly say something like, "there all really great and I can't comment on just one of them." Lol but thats ok I brought that on myself.

Dont add anything if you dont want too (I see why you wouldnt), Im just a curious 16y old who LOVES!!! your show.

PS: Thanx a lot Greg for your time, you truly are a genius, your show is both inspireing and creative, its also Intense yet dramatic, (I could go on) but I really dont want to take to much more of your time. you probably have much more important stuff to do. Well, thanx again for shareing your ideas with the world. you did a really great job.

Greg responds...

There are only three of the actors that I really still see at all, outside of the occasional recording for another show.

1. Thom Adcox. One of my best friends. Still don't get to see him as often as I'd like. Interestingly, it wasn't the show that really cemented our friendship, but the Gathering. We really got to know each other in Dallas in '99.

2. Keith David. Don't see him as often, but through Keith, I met Josh Silver, his manager, and Josh and I are now really good friends. Same with our wives and kids. I see Keith once in a while through Josh. But Keith is practically the busiest man in show biz.

3. Jonathan Frakes. For awhile, Jonathan and I were in business together, trying to sell a project. It didn't work out, and he's been pretty busy, so I haven't seen him recently. But he's a good guy too.

There are a few others that I've seen occasionally. Brigitte Bako. Elisa Gabrielli took me to lunch about a year ago. But basically, Thom's the only one I hang with.

Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on March 02, 2004