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Lexy writes...

Hello Greg:)

I just read your lil ramble that mentioned how they pulled the switch-a-roo when airing Bonkers. I just thought I'd put down a comment or two on that since I loved watching the show. Now that I know Meranda (?sp?) was supposed to be the ONLY partner for Bonkers, I can see your point of view. That really rips that they took the original and just kinda stuck it in later as an after thought.<--(one word or two?? scratches head) But when the show was still airing new episodes I have to tell you, when they suddenly stuck in a new parter and we all said goodbye to Lucky I was pleasantly surprised. This wasn't because I didn't like Lucky, I just loved the idea that they had no problem with taking out a main character and just replacing him like nothing had happened. They sub'ed Meranda in..and life just went on. The episodes IMO were still good. I guess what I'm trying to say here is..when they took Lucky away and added Meranda, It never came off to me as "Oh geez, their getting lazy..so who's this blond chick??" It didn't _feel_ like I was getting some second hand idea shoved in my face. I considered both partners and the episodes they generated to be well done. I really can't say which I liked better. It wasn't like here comes this new character and things went down hill. Part of the reason I loved the switch. It just appealed to me seeing that a show had the guts to mess with MAIN characters like that and still come back at you with, IMO, good episodes. I believe that to be one of the main reasons Gargoyles was so awsome. Like life, things change. I dunno...just thought I'd mention that to you:) Seeya!!


Greg responds...

Yeah, I guess. But it wasn't really like that. It wasn't bravery or guts, it was fear and panic that created that situation. I don't pretend to be objective about the Piquel run of Bonkers -- anymore than I can pretend to be objective about Goliath Chronicles -- but the show was never the same for me.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000