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Jim R. writes...

Greg, who is "matt"? Do you know him personally? "matt", if you're reading this, why do ask Greg so many questions? I hate to be the backseat driver here, but must you require a logical explanation for everything? Mr. Spock would think so, but geez man...

Oh, yes, and Gorebash, I know you will read this...I might be the only person just to ask how do you handle all these questions? You must be damn good at your job! Keep up the good work. I hope this gets posted. (Elvis has left the building...)

Greg responds...

I don't know matt personally. But he's entitled to ask as many questions as he wants. I'm entitled to dodge as many as I feel like. Why?

Gorebash, I believe, has largely turned over the responsibility of reviewing questions to Todd Jensen. Todd does a great job at keeping up. Better than me.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001