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Greg Bishansky writes...

City Of Stone Part Three

Ok, so Elisa is facing in the wrong direction, oh well. Every masterpiece has at least one flaw or two.

I like when Owen becomes flesh again, the animation is beautiful as he quickly examines the phone and even more quickly regains his composure. "Good morning". I also like Xanatos's "then we'll just have to set the sky ablaze" line. It's the delivery by Jonathan Frakes, as well as the animation, which shows the confidence Xanatos has. He isn't even concerned over whether or not he can find away. I don't know if that's arrogance or what, but it's a great moment.

The scene with Travis Marshal and that woman is great. I just love the way Travis reacts to her statement about never watching television. She's probably one of those people who blames television for everything that has gone wrong in society.

Flashback to Scotland 1040…

The scene between Macbeth and Duncan is great. Duncan especially seems to believe that Macbeth is not disloyal when Mac saves his life. It's sad though, because it seemed like Duncan was willing to bury whatever grudge he bore Macbeth right then and there.

Of course, Duncan is still every bit the jerk that he's always been, about to destroy several sleeping Gargoyles like that for no real reason, but what else can be expected from one who took the mask of the Hunter. Macbeth of course begs him to spare them and any thanks Duncan has for Macbeth seems to go out the window. I wonder what led to his hatred of Gargoyles.

The scene with the Weird Sisters is great, nice to see an element from Shakespeare's play in the story. The scene was animated beautifully as well. Duncan again disgusts me. While it would be easy to blame the Sisters for Duncan's later actions, I think that is letting him off too easy. Your daughter pegged Duncan perfectly, paranoid and stupid.

Of course we have another slaughter of sleeping Gargoyles. Duncan is a complete coward, to slaughter Gargoyles that have done nothing to him. I liked Demona's "this cave will be your tomb" line. Kind of wish it were. I like Demona's little speech as the escape from the cave, well written, poetic sounding, and Marina did a great job with the vocals as always.

The scene with Macbeth and Bodhe is very well done. I often don't know what to make of Bodhe, he's not a bad person, he's just a coward, but he means well. Macbeth's good bye to Gruoch and Luach is very touching, especially his "the journey will be brief" line. Macbeth is as noble a character as any other.

Demona and Macbeth have another great scene together. They play off each other so well, as if they were destined to fight side by side. I don't blame Demona for being extremely hesitant. But at least she recognizes that Macbeth is an exception to her rule by not killing him, which says a lot for her.

Enter the Weird Sisters. This is another beautiful scene. The spell they placed on Mac & D was extremely well animated, I figured out what the spell mostly did. I knew this was where they became immortal, it was obvious. Though I forgot those brief scenes in Part 2 where they felt each other's pain. It was also great to see Macbeth learn the truth about his father's murder.

I thought Gruoch's "I hope you have not made a bad bargain" line was pretty clear. It would have been nice to see her run a finger through his hair as you wanted, but the message wasn't lost. Wasn't lost at all. Also, Demona looks good as she enters Macbeth's tent. Another nice moment between Macbeth and Gruoch, made even nicer by Demona eavesdropping. It was a very romantic scene, and I could easily tell she was thinking about herself and Goliath… and as you said, with herself in Macbeth's place. Demona wore the pants in that relationship… so to speak ;)

The battle is very nicely done. Makes me think of "Braveheart". I especially liked when the Gargoyles showed up and helped Clan Moray deal with Duncan's troops. Demona herself was magnificent there. I cracked a smile at Macbeth's "you fight like a demon line", I knew it was only a matter of time now till she was named. He was correct to. Demona is definitely someone I'd want to take into battle to fight at my side.

At last it was time for the confrontation I was waiting to see. Macbeth and Duncan's fight was also great. I clapped when Demona grabbed MacDuff and bashed him into the mountainside. I always assumed she killed him there, I don't remember him being in part 4. I'll check when I get to it.

The death of Duncan was well done, I know you couldn't show Macbeth run him through, but burning like that seemed worse, I hope it took him a while to die. As you can tell, I hate him.

Demona standing on that cliff with Macbeth as they were cheered was another nice moment. She seemed glad to be at Macbeth's side there. Too bad it didn't last.

Bodhe advising Macbeth to slay Canmore was despicable at best, but he was right about him eventually being trouble. Macbeth had to be aware that banishing him to England was a bad idea as well. There was no easy way to handle that situation either. Who was it that said, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."? Demona showed commendable restraint in not killing him, for I am sure if she did kill him, she would not have been reprimanded. But I wonder, today would she kill a child? We know she's perfectly willing, able and eager to kill. But would she kill a child?

The coronation scene was perfect. Macbeth wanted to deliver a golden age between human and gargoyle, meant it, and I'm sure was successful for the next seventeen years. I knew Macbeth was going to name her here, and was glad Demona liked her name… I'm rather fond of it as well. The crowd cheering her nice, it seemed like she was ready to drop her grudge against humanity once and for all. Though I'm surprised we didn't see Macbeth crown Gruoch queen. Was she ever even crowned queen?

Nice touch throwing the Sisters into the police station. I liked how they were everywhere.

The Elisa-Owen scene was fun, reminded me of when Owen wouldn't let her into the building back in "The Edge". Nice position they were frozen in.

The scene between the Gargoyles and Xanatos is also very good. X's plan makes sense and seems quite logical. The distrust on Goliath's face is priceless, but who can blame him for not trusting Xanatos. I thought it was obvious that Demona was standing behind the tapestry I have to say. I also like Goliath's concern for Elisa as they depart the castle.

Demona is magnificent as she steps out into the Great Hall mace in hand. There's just a certain air about her, the confidence, the power she's radiating. Of course, I find it hard to believe that there are secrets that Xanatos doesn't know about the castle considering he took it apart and rebuilt it piece by piece, but hey, I don't mind.

The cliffhanger is a very good one, and left me extremely excited for the conclusion of this great multi-parter.

End Part Three

Greg responds...

Yeah, Gruouch was Queen.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001