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Lexy writes...

OK Last year I wrote a HUGE Gathering report. Then my comp fell on its face, and I lost all of it:P So this year I am going to just write about the stuff at the GATHERING instead of including all of my vacation. I will include a _few_ highlights, but that is all.
I went on this trip with three other ppl. Kaioto, Marisa and Jamie. We spent a week in California. Four days were for the con, two days before the con, and two days after. For the two days before hand we went to Little Tokyo, A Japanese Museum, and Santimonica beach. It was at Santimonica Beach that I A) picked up that Kimono I wore to the dinner and B) Got a definitive answer. I CANT swim in ocean water. When I was really young I went to the Pacific ocean , and I remembered breaking out. I went back, and it happened again. Doesn't that suck?? :(
Day one of the con: I remember things in sort'of a blur. So here they are that way! I signed up, and then asked if I could help. I was supposed to be volunteering after all! But everyone was really busy. All I really got to do was fetch some soda from the con suite. Greg popped in at one point while I was sitting on that couch near the gift shop. He waved and said hi, and I replied. After he left my friend JT, it was her first time to the Gathering, looked at me like,"who was that guy?". My third Gathering, and the third time I have been able to turn to a traveling companion and say, "Oh him? That was just Greg Weisman." *L* I never get tired of the reaction!
The next thing I remember I was setting up my sketches in the art room. Crispin Freeman was there with Izobel. One of my favorite memories for this con then occurred. There was just something about hearing Crispin explain to someone the story of Gargoyles that made me laugh. It was so great.
Right before opening ceremonies, Bill Fagerbakke came over after work to do some signing. He was so great! I got to hug him a lot longer then I had planned since Kaioto couldn't seem to figure out my complicated instruction of, "push the button". Thom and Greg arrived around that time, and I got my first G01 hug from Thom!*beams* *L*
Opening ceremonies. Hey what can I say that hasn't been said? I suppose I was just as eager as everyone else to find out what Thom had under his shirt! *L* I was fiddling with my tape recorder when my name was called. *sits trying to figure out what to type next* Geez. I'm still in shock. I seriously don't remember much exactly what happened. I remember getting my second hug though! Yea! Afterward a friend of mine said she thought he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Can anyone verify this? I was in lala land:P I'm sorry I had to make everyone suffer through, quite possibly, the worst Gathering speech ever! I had no idea what to say! -_-; I suppose I could have been even more annoying if I had asked Greg who Lexington's mate was going to be. I am, however, glad that Crazy D stepped in to tell everyone I wasn't really the worse speech giver ever, just surprised. *thanks her* My friends made sure that there were lots of pics of me recieving the award.-_-; yea... *hides face* I'm not fond of the pics of me, but Marisa caught a shot of Thom and Greg that is so perfect! The looks on their faces really ARE priceless. To me anyway. They are just smiling to eachother. SO CUTE! It just slays me to remember those first Autum days when Gargoyles premiered. *seems like only yesterday..* I could have _never_ imagined getting to meet those names flashing down the screen. To find out they were such great ppl is even better!
The rest of opening ceremonies was a blast. I never get sick of Greg's videos, or stories. Do any of us? After the ceremony I got Thom to sign my hat. I had it made in a Santimonica mall. As Thom was signing my hat I recieved a quick spank from Crazy D. Geez, Day one and I could already brag 3 VA hugs, a possible kiss and a spanking from the hand that has..well spanked a lot of cool ppl;) I can't remember anything much after this so I guess I must have gone to City Walk for some food.
After some excellent Chinese food Kaioto, Marisa, JT and I ran into Crispin Freeman and Taliesin Jaffe in front of Hot Topic. Kaioto had a lengthy conversation with Taliesin while JT got yet another picture of her with Crispin.
Day Two- ..duh Oh man. I can't remember! *checks her schedual* OH YA I went to the Voice Acting Technique 1 panel. Got to see Thom, Crispin, Taliesin, Jonathan Klein and Morgan Sheppard. Wow what a group! Crispin had brought some funky software with his comp, on accident, that would let ppl in the audience do some dubbing of their own. We ran out of time, but that was so cool of him to set that all up for us! Morgan, as he told us to call him, was a blast! What a cool guy! I loved that panel. At the end I finally gave Thom the Kimba pin and pen that I had bought him, but had forgotten to give him the day before. I got my third hug for that. :)
I can't remember where I went after that. I think there was Mug-A-Guest with Thom soon after this panel. Anyway I did get to go to that, and it was great. Thom told us about his past gigs, and even though I knew from last year that he had danced in some music videos I didn't know which ones to look for. Now I do! You can all check out Janet Jackson's video "Nasty". Thom stated that there were two guys, one on each side of her. He was, as he put it, "the white guy with a spikey hair doo". Crazy D came in at some point, and gave Thom a personalized Gathering T-shirt with the excellent picture of Lex that I purchased from the Art show. I'm sorry I can't remember the artists name right now:P But your pics ruled! Greg's wife Beth, and their son Benny came in also, and Beth chatted with us for a while. After this was all over with I got my forth hug. Not long after this we were all at the Story boarding panel. TONS of guests there! Getting to see those Storyboards was awesome!! Getting to see so many ppl that worked on the show was great. Knowing that it was only a fraction was even cooler. (Was it just me, or did that sound like Master Card commercial?) A little after this I was dead tired. I don't know why. I was fine the other days. But anyway I had to go back to our hotel and pass out. We were all rooming at a Holiday Inn not far from the con hotel. I passed out for a few hours and missed the Radio Play! Well actually we came back in time for the tail end of it, but I didn't want to barge in, and be annoying. While everyone was filtering out though I got to run into Thom and Crispin again. I got my fifth hug then. My friends and I got some more pictures of them, and apparently Kaioto asked Thom if he would go out to eat with us later. He agreed. What a sweet heart! I think by then Thom probably was figuring out who Kai was. Apparently Both Greg and Thom didn't know who he was for most of the con, and poor Kai kept scaring them by shaking hands, and giving Thom that hug. Now they know who he is..yup..now he's Lexy's boyfriend *LOL*. Guess he is in the same boat with Izobel who is now referred to as, "Crispin's Girlfriend." Hey Greg, if you are reading this, Kai was the guy who wrote that report on Brooklyn. I don't know *shrugs* I never got to read it, but he told me, back when he wrote it, that you made a comment in S8 that you liked it. I don't know if you recall this though:P
Day Three- Again. I can't remember anything! Highlights would be getting to "mug" Greg, and going to the VA's Q&A. Boy was that a riot. Everyone was great! Cree Summers *SP* showed up as a surprise, and it was cool hearing her story about how she landed her first gig. Apparently her father played the voice of Doctor Claw on "Inspector Gadget". The little girl who was supposed to play the voice of Penny didn't show up so Cree was given the role, and did so well she kept it. Jeff's stories about how he got started were a hoot. I think everyone got a crazy little mental image of Chibi-Jeff driving his parents nuts with his Dizzy Duck impersonation, and I'm glad somebody asked why Duke, from "The Mighty Ducks", sounded just like Brooklyn, because that was bothering me too. *L* It was great when ppl would try to ask Jeff questions about his characters, or, "what was it like switching between voices like that?", and poor Jeff is just like , "I..I don't remember.. Did I play that character?" *L* Keith got to field a lot of questions about the differences between Voice acting and other forms of acting. Loved his cute little roar;), and I couldn't help but wonder what that panel of doctors in the adjacent room were thinking when they heard someone bellow, "I've lost everything..EVEN MY REVENGE!" I suppose I have to mention Thom's input on how Sally Richardson (is this last name correct!?) bragged to him, so he says, that the animators used her 'eh hem' back end as a model for Elisa's. I believe it was Jeff who put in something to the effect of, "Yup, those guys love doing their research." Somebody from the audience asked Keith what he would have done with his character if he had had the chance. Keith just grinned and said, "You know." "-And it wouldn't have been a dream either." Somebody from the audience also asked Keith if anything about Goliath had rubbed off onto him. Jeff, once again, interjected with something I am not even sure I can say in Ask Greg. *wonders* Oh geez..better safe then sorry! (appologizees to all who weren't there) Hey! Someone with guts can fill that part in. Afterward was the autograph signing. Everyone who had gotten to the last panel early, including myself, ended up in the back of the line. By the time we got up to the signing a lot of ppl had to book it. While Crispin was signing a poster I brought from Slayers Keith David, just three guests from me, had to leave. I probably did not make some ppl happy when I left my poster with Crispin and ran over to Keith with the poster I had brought. I don't think I have ever groveled that bad in my life *L*. "Um..Please Mr. David..Sir..could you PULEEZ sign this for me?" *LOL* He was cool about it of course. I loved watching Jeff inspect that Owen doll someone brought to get signed. I really should know her name:P He thought that thing was great! "Oh man. Hey guys look! It's the Owen doll!"
After the VA's got their chance, the writers and I think some artists came up to sign. I got that panel to sign my poster as well. It looks great! I wake up to it right near my bed:) Now the first thing the sun hits in the morning is Brynne Chandler's golden autograph of , "Jalapena!"
After the autographs my friends and I prepared for the banquet. I didn't get to sit with Thom this year *L*, but I still had a good time. My table was near enough to Thom's and Crispin's to get the jist of what was going on. Boy, *shakes head* those two! They just kept going at it. First Crispin would brag about his excellent imitation of Broadway, then Thom would pick on Crispin's shirt. It escalated until the next time I turned around Crispin was sitting in Thom's lap, and this was after I had missed Crispin planting one on Thom. *shakes her head* wow..must have been a hoot to be at one of those tables!
After the, what? SIX COURSE? meal was done I believe the art show winners were read off, and Mhyr called!off ticket numbers for raffle prizes. I'm still not quite sure how I got an award for art, but it was funny that both Kaioto, JT and myself won raffle prizes. I had to laugh when Kaioto's number was called off, and I heard Thom call from behind me saying, "So Lexy, I guess you won twice!" I figured at that point he knew who Kai was! *L*
Next was the cosplays and costume show. Not as many ppl seemed to dress up this year, but we still had some good costumes. I think I lost a good portion of my film when two of the contestants, sorry I don't know your names!, forced Thom with a net, and by fake gun point, to take his pants off. I also spent a couple shots taking pictures of our "Best Couple". IE: Thom and Crispin. A prize well earned!
After the awards were given out ,and ppl were beginning to dance, I asked Greg and Thom if they would be interested, if they could make it, in attending a party I would be having in honor of my wedding which would be taking place around the gathering of 2002. They both agreed that they would come if they could. I earned yet another hug from Thom AND a kiss that I can verify _did_ occur:D Asking Greg if he would come was pretty amusing. It took me a while before I could get up enough nerve to ask him. After I asked him he smiled at us with a surprised look and said, "What are you guys?? Like twelve?!" *L* I tried to explain that we were a bit older then that, though I am certain I sounded confused. (FYI We will be 22 and dang near 20) ^_^V Soon afterward my traveling partners and I went back to our hotel to sleep.
Day FOUR!!- I remember getting up, going to the 3x3 eyes panel and hitting closing ceremonies. After closing ceremonies my friends and I met up with Thom and we all went out to eat. We weren't sure where to go so Thom suggested a Thai place not far from the hotel. He asked us if we had a ride, and we had to admit we didn't. (We had been thinking we could go to City Walk, and just take a tran. Thom was cool about it though, and said we could just use his car.*pauses for a brief moment to remember* EEEEEEE! As most of you may imagine, I felt guilty yet strangely happy with the situation;) After apologizing like 200 times that his car was a mess, ( for those of you with cars..is that a standard thing to say before you let someone get in? It seems to be to me! *L*), Thom took us on what I like to call the "Thom Tour". I joked with him that he could have made a couple of bucks putting that one the scheduled events. He showed us where he buys his dog food, where he used to get his hair cut and where Kath Soucie used to live. As we were driving Thom mentioned that the studio where they recorded Gargoyles wasn't far, and then decided to take us there! What a sweetheart! The studio was almost empty that day, and some friendly ppl out front told Thom he could take us right on in. We got to take pictures of where the VA's stood, and see the place where Greg set up the pictures for the VA's too see. We also got to go in back and see a poster with the autographs of many who worked on the show.
Afterward we went out to eat, and had a general good time doing so. Thom was kind enough to take us back to the hotel so we could wander off to Universal studios. There you have it folks..my disjointed and rambled G2001 diary!
A few last things I should mention:
Christine Morgan- You wanted one of my pictures from the art show. I will mail that off to you if you email me with your addy:) (izzolexington3@yahoo.com)

Favorite G2001 quotes that I can actually say in Ask Greg:
"I've lost everything, EVEN MY REVENGE!"-Keith David
"Thom Adcox everybody. A man who never misses the opportunity to take off his pants."-Greg W.
"Your going to be even sorrier when those pictures are all over the Internet!"-Greg W.
"What are you guys? Like 12?"-Greg W.
"Master of advertising."-Jeff Bennet
"Did I play that guy?"-Jeff Bennet
"Mommy...what's a 'con virgin'?"-Little girl sitting behind me
"I've got something under my shiiiiiirt."-Thom A. (fallowed by)
"Well at least he didn't say he had something in his pants"-Greg W.
"He got to look!"-Keith David
"Ya right. If I had gotten to make changes Lex would have been second in command. NOT Brooklyn."-Thom
"Thank you for giving that award to Lexy. It really meant a lot to her." *Hugs Thom* -Kaioto (fallowed by)
"Who _was_ that guy?"-Greg W.

Greg responds...

Lexy, you are such a treat. That's probably the best journal yet. Thank you. (And hey, looking young is a good thing. When you're my age, you'll be glad you look ten years younger than you are.)

Response recorded on August 15, 2001