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Josh Wurzel writes...

Hi Greg

First, let me congradulate you on your great speeches at Gathering opening and closing ceremonies. I don't think I've had more fun in my life than I did at Gathering, and it was in part due to you (well, not counting the whole "Greg created Gargoyles in the first place thing" - I don't want to give you ALL the credit for having a good time in my own hometown). I didn't sit in on many of your panels, but the few that I did sit in on showed me that you are funny, intelligent, and not very arrogant, considering you get worshipped as a god for three or four days a year (which would make my head inflate like Oberon in "The Gathering")

Second, I was one of the people that attended the MiSTing of "The Gathering I & II". I'm sure you remember, we were making lewd jokes and comments at the screen. Greg Bishansky said you were watching us from the back row. I was the one making bizzare gestures with shadows, particularly the picking of Oberon's nose.

This brings me to my question 1): Do Oberon's boogers have any magical powers? If so, what are they?
2): In 2198, are any of Oberon's boogers still around?

I am expecting a sarcastic remark on this one.

Greg responds...

I'm trying to think of anything I can say that will disappoint you. But it all comes out with at least a vaguely sarcastic tone.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001