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Lord Sloth writes...

I already said this in the comment room, but you may not have read it. I just wanted to say sorry about how I put a bit too much attitude into some of my past questions (though at the time it felt more like righteous outrage to the way you answered questions). You were quite right in how you aren't obliged to answer for anything for us. This is your domain and your time you are putting out, and sometimes I and other people take that for granted. So in the future I will try to be more respectful.
That having been said, the reason I talked like that was I didn't see why making a small mistake in the question, was any reason not to answer. I didn't (and still don't) understand what you want when you avoid a question. You could want to not answer it at that moment, or it could just be a secret you don't want to get out (which I am quite willing to respect). So:

1) How can I tell which smart-ass response means what? As in When does it mean that you don't want to answer ever, you don't feel like answering now or you just don't want to answer because my spelling is getting aggravating.

2) Would you please be so kind as to grant me the knowledge of why Goliath, Angela and Gabriel weren't burned horribly when they fell into that water mixed with hot magma? By now I do have my own theory about this, but I would like to hear your answer.

And as for my spelling, since both you and Todd Jenson have told me how hard it is for you and him to read what I have to say, I have been making quite a fair effort to keep it clean (and the response as been fairly good in the CR). It seems people can change someone for the better, thanks for the incentive.
BTW, I was just slightly amused when I looked up "Pendantic" (which was what you called on of my questions) in the dictionary and couldn't find it. It was only when I asked my mom, that I found out it is spelled "Pedantic". But still, It's a cool word and thanks for teaching it to me.

Many thanks.
The Lord of the Sloths.

Greg responds...

1. Honestly, you probably can't in a vacuum. If you hang here long enough, you may get a better sense of my rhythms, I suppose. But I still maintain that I don't have to explain myself. I just have to keep it fun for (a) me and (b) enough of you guys to make doing this worthwhile. I think the smart-ass stuff is part of the fun. Certainly for (a). And hopefully for a large enough percentage of (b).

2. I'd have to review the scene in question. It's been awhile.

Your spelling is much improved and it is much appreciated. I don't myself claim to be a brilliant speller, and, hey, typos happen. I know how to spell pedantic, so that one was a typo. All I asked is that you make a bit more of an effort. You have. I'm grateful.

Response recorded on November 29, 2001