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Entity writes...

Personally, if GARGOYLES was still on the air, I would prefer it pay as little notice to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center as possible. GARGOYLES was about many things, but it dealt with them in its own, contained way. It created its own situations and through them addressed real life issues. I would not want GARGOYLES to become a commentary on current events. It's a fantasy/sci-fi show, and therefore removed from our world, both by theory and in established practice. GARGOYLES is best a timeless show, don't you agree?

Greg responds...

Generally, yes.

And, as I think I've said, I can't think of a respectful way to deal with it anyhow. And if I can't deal with the topic with respect, than I won't deal with it at all. Except perhaps to inform character.

Response recorded on June 10, 2002