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Anonymous writes...

FORGIVENESS PLEASE!!!!! I just realized that on my last set of questions I
called Brooklyn's mate Sata! ARRRRG! I'M SO SORRY! I know that really urks
you. I guess all those fanfic episodes are getting to my head! Well anyway
now I finally have time for all my questions. Thank you so much for
answering these if you ever do + everything else you have done! O.K hear I

1) How long dose it take for a gargoyle egg to hatch?

2) Gargoyles lay eggs once every 20 years right? Well do they
automatically lay an egg after 20 years if they have a mate?

3) Or are they able to lay an egg anytime after their child has grown to
be 20 years old?

4) Where about do you see Lexington meeting his mate? ( I realize you may
not have this planned yet)

5) Are their other clans around the world we have not been introduced to
yet? (hoping for maby location of Lex's mate)

6) You know Tom? The guy who did the voice of Lex. Well I know that he did
the voice of Snap, so had he been tring out for any other parts that you
know of at the time he got the role of Lex?

7) He played Felix the cat too right? Tom I mean.

8) Wouldn't Brooklyn and Katana be ready to have a third child soon after
they returned from time dancing? Or am I over estimateing the ages of his

9) Would it be possible for you to share your opinion about how the Trio
would have gotten along after the return of Brooklyn? I just have a hard
time seeing them when Brooklyn's already an adult with children of his own
and has aged by 40 years. Wouldn't it be hard for him to interact with his
two brother's, and his mate, and be a father, and be a good second in

10) How do you feel Lex would have reacted,( if at all) to the fact that
his two brothers already had mates? ie. sad, angry, both?

11) O.K I've already sort of asked this question. So feel free not to
answer this. Can you please give any thoughts at all on Lex's mate? Built,

12) Do you ever see Lex doing any work for kicks outside the clan? Such as
maybe inventing or improving something that effects more than just the

13) Why were there no hatchlings when the Trio were at the castle in 994?
(they were 39 or so right?) So why were there just eggs at the time?

14) Alright this will be a run on question just to warn ya:) On Avalon it
looked as though Angela and Gabriel were a couple but we now know that
Angela and Broadway are destined to be mates. Was this just a false thing
I noticed? Or does Gabriel really like Angela?

15) If the answer to the last question was yes then will there be any
friction between him and Broadway?

16) Are all the Trio members going to have children?

17) Do you have any idea of how many children they would have in their
lifetimes? I mean each? Thank a bunch!:) (bows to the ground about a
million times) bye!

Greg responds...

Woo, lots o' questions. O.K. Let's dive in.
1. Ten years. Haven't I answered this before?
2. I'm not sure I understand the question. Rather, I'm sure I
3. Huh? The cycle is every twenty years. The age of past children
is immaterial. Is that what you're asking?
4. I'm not answering "Lex's mate" questions right now. Something
needs to be left to the imagination.
5. Yes. I know it's a pain, but you might want to take a look at
the archives. Most of your questions have been answered in more detail
6. Thom Adcox-Hernandez was exclusively a live-action actor when
our Voice and Casting Director Jamie Thomason "discovered" Thom (long before
Gargoyles). Jamie had been wanting to use Thom's unique voice for
something, but I don't think Thom had done any voice over work before we
cast him in Gargoyles. Since then he's done Snap and Felix the Cat and
Invasion America, at least. Plus he's still doing live action stuff,
including an AM/PM mini-market commercial, a classic from last summer that
they're running again this year. (Everytime it comes on, my three year old
daughter points at the screen and says "There's your friend, Thom!" I don't
think it's registered for her that Thom is the voice of Lex. Oh,
interesting side note. I was watching a rerun of MISTER ROGER'S
NEIGHBORHOOD. There was a wedding in the land of make believe. Keith David
was one of the guests at the wedding. Who knew?)
7. Yeah. Thom.
8. You're over-estimating a bit. A lot of time-jumping going on,
but in "Katana" years, she laid the egg that hatched into Tachi sixteen
years previous. She'd wait at least four years if not longer. (Gargoyle
females share a common cycle. Katana was removed from that normal cycle by
her time jumping. If she settled down, I wonder if she'd rejoin the normal
cycle or not? With Angela, I decided she would. I expect Angela, Sora,
Ophelia, Boudicca, Obsidiana and Turquesa to all lay eggs in 2008.)
9. Yes. That's what makes good Drama. I wanted to demonstrate in
a VERY intense way, that the joined-at-the-hip days of the Trio had passed.
They'd have to start over. And in many ways, it would be harder for Lex and
Broadway then for Brooklyn. Because for them, no time would have passed.
No adjustment space. I think it would have made for some great, GREAT
10. Lex's emotions would have run the gamut. It would have been
very hard.
11. la, la, la... I'm sorry, what was that?
12. Maybe.
13. There were. Gargoyles who hatched at the same time as Bronx.
(Sixteen chronologically. Eight biologically.) There were a lot of
gargoyles you didn't see. Kids. Females. Beasts. We couldn't show them
all, and frankly, I don't think they would have let us show the kids. Eight
year olds getting massacred is a pretty tough thing to put into an afternoon
cartoon show. To be honest, that wasn't an envelope I even thought to push.
14. I've answered this many times. You read it in. There was
nothing in the Avalon three parter that suggested that Angela and Gabriel
were anything but siblings to each other. Don't feel bad, you aren't the
only one who thought that. I think Gargoyle fans are looking for romance.
Anywhere they can find it. But watch again. It isn't there.
15. No.
16. Since I've already admitted that Brooklyn and Broadway do, this
is another hidden Lex question. SO I'M NOT GOING TO ANSWER IT.
17. Brooklyn & Katana: At least Two. Broadway & Angela: Three.
Lex and... HEY!!! I said, I wasn't gonna answer that. Geez. Some people
are just relentless.

(GDW / 7-17-98)

Response recorded on July 17, 1998