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Anonymous writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman. I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. 1. What did Macbeth do during World War 2?(I respectfully ask that you don't just say "alot".) 2. Everyone asks about who will be Brooklyn or Lexington's mates but the question on my mind is who was Hudson's mate and what happened to her? 3. Why did Xanatos have such a burning desire for immortality? 4. Did Oberon know about what the Wierd Sisters did to Demona and Macbeth? 5. Besides puting them in the BAD GUYS series, what else did you have in mind for Dingo and Matrix? It has been a pleasure to ask these questions and will be an even greater pleasure to read the answers. Thanks for reading.

Greg responds...

1. Well, you can ask me not to say "a lot", but it won't change much. I'm not going to sit down today and write a novel-length response to a question that took you ten seconds to type in. Leave it at this, Macbeth was on the side of the Allies.
2. Very good question. She died in 971. She had no name. She was a fierce warrior and a lovely individual.
3. He's afraid of things he can't control. He's afraid of death. (I can relate. I just seek for immortality in a different way. Through my writing and through my children. As long as I'm remembered, I live on. That's something David hasn't fully learned yet. But he's getting there.)
4. Not yet.
5. Well, I had a lot of plans for them in BAD GUYS. (There's that "a lot" phrase again.) Matrix had a lot to learn, and Dingo had a lot to redeem. And working for Robyn Canmore wasn't going to be a piece of cake either.