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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

Here's a should not have but couldn't resist:

"Greg Bishansky writes...
Happy Rosh Hashanah Greg. Though it may be closeto Channukah when you read this.

Greg responds...

It's past Purim. Pushing Passover. (Pretty pathetic, huh?)

But thanks!

recorded on 03-04-02"

"Pushing Passover"? Is this some knew social problem that will soon hit the newspapers?: "We just don't know how it happened! One day he steps into a synogogue, and the next he's pushing Passover! What are we going to do with 4 extra sets of dishes!? And the whole family has indigestion from all that matzah!"

Of course it'll probably be Succot before you get to this one :)

sorry about the lack of (relevant) question

Greg responds...

And two Succot's later...

Response recorded on November 04, 2003