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Rusty writes...

hey greg..if i where to use your Charchters in a comic/ or anime some time in the future maybe would it be alright? i am asking you because you drew it and at frist i wanted you to sue me but...i was told you didn't do a copy right on it so disney owns it,thats ok disney can sue me :) they wont get nothing though, the reason i am asking you is cuz you drew them so in my eyes you are the orginal owner of the whole thing. thanks if your reading this (cuz i probly will just use them anyway lol) and sorry for takeing your time

Greg responds...

First off, I don't draw anything.

Second off, I never owned Gargoyles. Disney always did.

Third off, if you're talking about not-for-profit fanwork, than be my guest. Enjoy yourself.

Fourth off, if you're talking about for-profit (or even attempts at for-profit) work, than that's called plaigarism, and I'm against that, and you do not have my permission to use ideas, characters, etc. that were created by me and my staff and are owned by Disney.

Response recorded on December 11, 2003