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Laura 'ad asta' ad_astraackerman!hotmail.com writes...

I'm sorry to put this on this page instead of sending it directly to Gore- but I figure other people should be aaware of this. I have been getting tons of SPAM for a while- and this is really the only place my e-addy is to be found on the web. I think a SPAM bot has been having a field day here. Since I have no intention of stopping to ask questions here, and I think leaving my address so people can return comment is in a way a curtesy, I am going to replace the @ with a ! so it wont flag the bot. I suggest anyone else having problems to the same. Gore- if this is not an easy search and replace algorithym please ignore this suggestion, but would it be possible to do that throughout the archives as well?

Greg, I am sorry not to actually be asking you anything- but that would be two topics in one e-mail:)

Greg responds...

Uh. okay.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001