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S. Pendergast writes...

Umm, kinda a dumb question but... I was wondering if there were detailed blueprints or floorplans of Castle Wyvern.. I'm kinda peeked in the interest of making a modle of the castle and I'm really not at all pleased with the results of having to use my eyes and imagination to fill in the blanks of what's not seen on tv.. Is there anything available for Download.. I heard there was something like that around on a site a long time ago, but it appears to be long gone. Thanks

Greg responds...

I don't know of any blueprints available for download. In fact, I don't recall any DETAILED blueprints existing. I have a vague memory of something akin to a general layout of the place, but I haven't seen it in years -- assuming I'm even remembering correctly.

Response recorded on March 19, 2004