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Ann Schapker writes...

My son is almost six years old and loves Gargoyles, he stayed up late one night and caught wind of it, that was all it took, a true fan and myself. I tape it everynight 11-midnight, now it's only on 11:30- Midnight. We will be very sad if they take it off the air. My son would like to know if there was ever any toys made from Gargoyles, he despertly would like all the characters.

Greg responds...

Once upon a time, both Applause (pvc figures) and Kenner (action figures) made toys. (And a few other random licensees were out there too.)

To find them now, you'd have to check out something like e-bay OR bring you're son to the GATHERING where there are always toys available at the auction! The Gathering is VERY kid friendly. I know because I've taken my kids too. It's been nearly two years, so I'm guessing your son is now almost eight. Mine are 7 and almost 10. I hope both of you are still fans.

Response recorded on July 29, 2004