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matt writes...

ok, for most the sereis Xanatos doesn't know where the gargs new home is, suddenly in "Hunter's Moon" he does. my guess is that Owen/Puck found out from Goliath in "Future Tense" that the live in the Clocktower and then he told Xanatos, is that right? if not, how did Xanatos find out? i think that Xanatos was smart enough to figure they lived in the Clocktower after two years anyway, i mean, it was an obviously good place to Elisa, couldn't Xanatos figure it out?

Greg responds...

Puck may have had access to that information from as far back as "The Mirror". But info gathered by Puck was not info that Owen could give to Xanatos, as a function of their agreement.

I'm not sure Xanatos knew until Owen let it slip in Hunter's Moon, Part Three. By which time the info was useless. I guess what you're missing is that moment when David says, "My god, you mean to tell me they've been in the Clock Tower the whole time?! Why didn't I see that?! I'm such a fool!"

Of course, that's not very Xanatosian, is it? He takes the revelation in stride. As if he'd always known. That's his style.

Then again, maybe he had figured it out long ago.

On some level, I'll leave that decision up to each and every one of you.

Response recorded on June 10, 2001