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Anonymous writes...

First off, I'd like to thank you for doing this. So thank you. Second off, I have a few questions. 1) What is the correct spelling for Xanatoses building? 2) How did Xanatos mange to get a river flowing through his building hundreds of feet off the ground? 3) How tall is that building, anyway? (besides being tallest in the world) 4) Were there such big plans for the Eye of Odin when it was introduced in "The Edge"? 5) Who wrote the stats from the Gargoyles cards or the Meet the Characters book? I doubt that Broadway really weighs a ton and I know that Elisa is not half Sioux.
6) Who wrote those rediculous names for the videos? Deeds of Deception?
Brothers Betrayed? The Heroes Awaken? Ugh. 7) On a similar note, why was the Awakening video edited? I don't just mean removing sections to compress the story (although I doubt that was neccessary). It seemed like all the background music was replaced and some of the sound effects. 8) How big is the Phoenix Gate? In "High Noon" it was big enough and thick enough to be the size of Macbeth's head. In "Future Tense", Goliath can hold it in one hand and it's flat. 9) Did you plan for the -stone robots to ever rejoin the clan? Actually, did you ever plan to have anyone new join the clan?
10) Did the Maza family know about the Gargoyles at the time of "Kingdom"?
Lexington says that he went to their house and they were as worried as the clan was. 11) What ever happened to that sun amulet thing from "The Green"? It seems like it would have been destoyed with the clock tower.
12) Did the clock tower run? In "Her Brother's Keeper", the clock clearly does turn, but in "Enter Macbeth" Lexington says something like "Maybe I can get thing thing running again." I think I know what your answer will be, but I'd like to know for sure. 13) Why doesn't Claw talk? 14) Would(will) we ever have learned Claw and Fang's names? 15) Where was the rebel hideout in "Future Tense"? It looked like the Labyrinth, but I think Xanatos would have looked there first. 16) Did Oberon repair all the damage he did after "The Gathering"? He mentioned something to that effect, but is he actually that powerful? Not to mention all the people that would die if everyone just fell over asleep like that. I had better stop now.
Maybe ask more questions after you answer this batch. Once again, thanks.

Greg responds...

1) The Eyrie Building.
2) It's not a real river, of course. It's a glorified fountain.
3) Pretty darn tall.
4) Pretty much. The "Eye" was the idea of Patrick Gilmore and his gang at Disney Interactive. They were working on the Gargoyles Computer Game and had created the Eye for that. I liked the idea, and we ran with it. Serendipity played a big part in how we wrote our scripts, but I do believe that we had a unique group of writers, editors and producers poised to make the most of any good idea.
5) I don't know who wrote them. Although, I should say that some of that kind of stuff was given to me or Frank Paur to approve. Some of it.
Sometimes to Frank. Sometimes to me. Sometimes to both of us. Sometimes to neither. We didn't get a lot of consistency.
6) I don't know. I prefer our titles, but theirs don't bug me that much.
7) I thought I answered this, but I can't remember, so here we go again.
We had a World Premiere Screening of Gargoyles at Walt Disney World at the multiplex on Pleasure Island. This was for press and for local kids who were brought in from local schools to fill two movie theaters. We felt that our original five-parter worked great as a mini-series but that it lacked energy when played over two and a half hours on the big screen. So, while Frank Paur worked with one editor to edit the five separate episodes, I worked with a different editor to edit all five episodes down into one eighty- five minute movie. This was done simultaneously, because we had to prepare for the television premiere and the World Premiere simultaneously; they were only a week or so apart.
After the editing was done, the two versions were mixed separately as well.
Frank and our sound supervisor Mark Von der Heide supervised the sound mix for the five episodes at Advantage Audio, where all the rest of the original 65 episodes were eventually mixed. The folks at Advantage are wonderful and did their usual great job. I supervised the mix of the "movie" version at the Walt Disney Studios with Disney's feature film sound people. They also did a great job (in my opinion). But keep in mind, that they were mixing for the big screen. This edited "movie" was never intended for video release.
Never intended for television speakers. I don't know whether that makes a difference or not.
At any rate, there are certain editing and sound choices that I like better in the "movie" version, while there are other choices from the episodes that I much prefer. There wasn't time or money to collate all the best choices into one version.
Later, when HOME VIDEO decided to release their version of the pilot, they were very pleased to hear that we possessed a version that was already edited together without commercial breaks, teasers, etc. I tried to tell them that they were offering LESS for the money by putting out a version that had LESS material than the version that had aired. But they felt that they were adding value with the other stuff they had on and with the tape. A board game, a promotional piece, etc. They didn't feel like spending the extra money to format the episodes into one two and a half hour piece.
8) It's flatish. It's size alters depending on the animators' mood, I guess, but basically it should be about the size of Goliath's hand.
9) The clan would have grown over time. Brooklyn would have returned from his TIMEDANCER adventures with four new members, for example.
Coldstone and Coldfire would have returned eventually too. Whether they would have stayed forever is another story.
10) Lex listened outside their window.
11) It wasn't destroyed.
12) It was an old clock. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not. Lex fixed it occasionally, but never for very long. I had a story in mind about that, but I never got around to it before we blew the thing up.
13) Emotional trauma.
14) Fang's for sure, if I had done BAD GUYS. Claw's probably.
15) It was in the Labyrinth. And it doesn't really matter whether Xanatos would have looked there, as long as Puck believed that Goliath would buy the Labyrinth as a rebel base. Goliath did buy it. But if he had questioned it, Puck would have made up some excuse and had one of his "characters" use that excuse to convince Goliath. Just like he did when Goliath brought up Demona and Thailog's pairing. Puck/Owen hadn't known about that, so he had "Brooklyn" give the Clone Wars excuse to explain his oversight.
16) I doubt he could be bothered to repair all the damage.