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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman, I have several questions for you: 1) Were any other of the characters in the series (i.e. Halcyon Renard, Preston Vogel, etc.) members of the Illuminati Society? 2) Exactly how long were Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx on their World Tour? 3) In what year (Earth time) did Oberon banish his children from Avalon? Titania said they were gone for 1001 years at the time of "Ill Met By Moonlight," but this meant they probably left in 995 AD, just a little while before Princess Katherine, Tom, the Magus, and the eggs arrived. Am I right? 4) How would the Bad Guys (from your planned spin-off) have been brought together? 5) Did King Arthur Pendragon do anything between "Avalon, Part 3" and "Pendragon," or did Avalon's magic warp him several months ahead in time from when he left Avalon? 6) Is Owen immortal? He's trapped in a mortal body, but he's Puck, the child of Oberon at the core. So is he mortal or immortal? 7) On that subject, are Fox orAlexander immortal, will their half-Child of Oberon heritage just make them very long-lived, or will they have a normal human lifespan? 8) Did Griff happen to stop by London to tell Leo and Una where he was during Pendragon? I would think they'd be sick with worry otherwise since by their perception, Griff would've just come back only to leave again. 9)When did MacBeth learn his skills in sorcery (as shown in "Pendragon")? 10) What were the circumstances of Puck and Demona's first meeting? 11) Since Demona knew that Owen was Puck, why didn't she go after him for revenge for turning her into a werehuman? 12) What's Vinnie's last name? 13) Were there any plans to have Nokkar's alien enemies appear? 14) On the subject of Nokkar, is he an immortal or very long-lived? 15) Did you have any role in the storyline of the Marvel comic book? 16) Were there any further plans for Cu Chullain or the werepanthers? 17) I know someone else asked this, but I'm curious too; what were the plans for the original "comedy" Gargoyles show? OK, I think I'd better stop. Thanks a lot for answering us curious fans' questions!

Greg responds...

1) Not Renard or Vogel.
2) Less than a year.
3) You're right. (See, you don't need me.)
4) Largely against their will.
5) It wasn't months. But he might have had one or two stops.
6) Is Puck immortal? Define your terms. Owen is certainly mortal. But everytime he transforms into Puck and then transforms back, Owen is recreated anew. Puck obviously remembers to include Owen's stone hand for perverse reasons of his own, but I wonder if he remembers to include all the aging that Owen had done since his last transformation back and forth?
Perhaps that slips Puck's mind, and perhaps he always recreates Owen at the same age Owen was when Puck originally fashioned the identity. Only time will tell.
7) Alex, at least, will be quite long-lived -- but whether that will be due to science or sorcery I'm not saying.
8) Griff phoned them long distance.
9) Over the centuries, he studied.
10) Again, I'm not inclined to tell entire stories in this format. Sorry.
11) A "werehuman"? Doesn't that translate "man-human"? Well, never mind.
I know what you mean. Demona learned in "The Mirror" that Puck is more trouble than he's worth. And she shortly learned that there were certain advantages to Puck's gift/curse.
12) In my mind, it was Gregarino. (That's a joke. Sort of.) 13) Yes.
14) Long-lived.
15) I was consulted. I had plans to take over the writing of the book in its second year, and I did write one issue (a missing World Tour story set in the Himalayas and featuring Coldstone), but the book was cancelled before even that one story could get published. My luck.
16) Yes. Especially for Rory and Molly.
17) O.K., I know I've answered this. Please check the archives for this page.