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Sha'Lane aka divesangel writes...

Okay here it goes. First of all I'd like to say great job!! I love the way you've done things. BRAVO!! I especially love how you took some of Shakespeare's plays, plots, and characters and put them in the show. Pure briliants!! Anywho, before I get carried away, I actually have a lot of questions, some I'm sure you've probably answered, so I'll put it in one question statement and you answer or reply as you please or rather take it as you will. I was wondering what you could tell me about Puck w/o giving away to much info. We know very little about him. Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

Generally, you probably know more than you think. He's a trickster and servant to Oberon.

Years ago, while following Titania, he became curious about Titania's daughter Janine and her boyfriend David. He went to work for David in the guise of Owen (an identity based on Renard's assistant). He later revealed his true self to Xanatos and offered him a choice: One wish from the Puck or a lifetime of service from Owen.

Xanatos chose Owen, a choice which impressed Puck to no end.

As Owen, he has a genuine affection for Family Xanatos and was even willing to defy Oberon to protect them.

Any other questions?

Response recorded on April 20, 2004