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Robin Wynn (repost by Aris) writes...

I finally managed to find the Starship Troopers show! I've seen three eps so far, and man is it COOL!! You did say they aren't running in order didn't you? Cause they sure didn't seem to be. Oh well.
Oh, and I also got to see Max Steel. Also pretty cool! It felt cool just seeing your name on it! Kinda felt like "YEAH!!" I felt the same thrill when I saw your name on the MIB episode about the dream. Did you say there was another episode that you did? If so, I haven't seen it, and I usually try to keep an eye out for your name. hmm...maybe you could tell me what it is about..i may have just missed your name....
Anyway! Keep up the good work! These shows rule!

Greg responds...

Men In Black:

I wrote three episodes and co-wrote a fourth.

"The Big Sleep Syndrome" involved an alien beastie called the Vermax that latched onto Jay's brainstem and tried to keep him in a "smiling coma." Elle is forced to enter Jay's dreams to save him.

"The Big Bad Bug Syndrome" brings back the bug race from the feature film. Three bugs compete to kidnap Elle and bring her back to the queen.

"The Star System Syndrome" sends Jay and Kay to Hollywood where they investigate the disappearances of numerous movie aliens. This one featured Clancy Brown as an "Alien-esque alien". It also introduced Agent E, who in addition to being an MiB Agent, was also an actual Hollywood Talent Agent as well.

"The Blackguard Syndrome", co-written with Jon Weisman (my brother), was set on a space-station and featured the return of David Warner as Alpha.

Response recorded on August 01, 2000