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Aron writes...

Hi, I've seen a few episodes of Gargoyles while it was on televison here, and I loved them. I've heard you've also done some episodes of MIB Men In Black the animated series and I was wondering what episodes from that show you had done. I haven't seen most of MIB (like Gargoyles.... we just didn't get that programming here) and I might have seen something you have worked on from MIB (managed a few episodes of that.)

I just wanted to know so I could keep my eye out for some more of your work. Thanks!

Greg responds...

thanks for being interested...

but it was oh, so long ago, and they don't put titles on MiBlack episodes (as I recall).

I did "The Star System Syndrome" set in Hollywood.
I did an episode where we went inside Jay's dreams.
I did an episode with Alpha on a space station.
I did an episode with the Bugs targeting Elle for a hit.

I think that's it.

Response recorded on May 12, 2004