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Anonymous writes...

As a viewer in his rookie season...I'm sadden to hear the show's been cancelled...Are you in any of the episodes?

Greg responds...

In them? I'm not sure what you mean. As a lark, I did perform one short bit of voice acting in "Awakening, Part Two". I was the commando who sarcastically said, "Nice mask."
If you're asking if I worked on any of them, then the answer is yes. I created the series (with considerable help) and produced the first 65 episodes with Frank Paur (with even more help). I supervised the writing and story editing of these episodes and provided all of the springboards (again with help).
I wrote and story edited the 66th episode, "The Journey", though I did not produce it. I voice directed everyone's favorite episode "Vendettas".
I was, however, not involved in producing the last twelve episodes of GOLIATH CHRONICLES.
I identify with all of the characters, at least to some extent.
Some of Vinnie's farewell lines in "The Journey" were very intentionally written as my goodbye to the characters and fans.
I'm the oldest of three kids. Robyn is the middle sister. Jon is the younger brother. My wife's name is Beth. My daughter Erin did the voice of Alexander Xanatos in "The Journey". Many of my family's birthdates were used as significant dates in Thailog's life in "Double Jeopardy".
All in all, I guess you could say I was "in" a few episodes.