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Scott Iskow writes...

Re: Immortality

At one point during "The Price," Hudson says "Macbeth is dead," but later acknowledges that he and Demona are immortal. Hudson probably sees immortality in a different light than other characters, (ie, it's possible for immortals to die). Xanatos, Oberon's Children, and Macbeth must all have their own perceptions as well.

Hence, any question I ask you on the subject would require an essay-length response if you felt like covering all the bases.


1. Any chance of seeing a ramble on "Immortality in the Garg Universe" at some point? Maybe coinciding with your ramble on "The Price"?

Greg responds...

Yeah, maybe. Not in the mood right now, cuz I just typed up a couple of long posts.

But you could ask again sometime.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000