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Todd Jensen writes...

In the opening sequence to "Gargoyles", Goliath talks about how his clan was "betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect". One thing that puzzles me a bit about that line, however, is that only one human in the community of Castle Wyvern took part in the betrayal of the castle to the Vikings - the Captain of the Guard. Which makes the use of "humans", plural, a bit puzzling. How does it fit in? Is Goliath in the opening speech refering to the unfriendliness and ingratitude of Princess Katharine and her subjects as well as the Captain's deal with the Vikings? (The former is a bit of a stretch as "betrayal", admittedly).

Greg responds...

I think there's a general bitterness there. Princess Katharine created the environment that fostered the betrayal. Also, it's narration. Goliath is speaking (on some level at least) of the generic treatment that gargoyles received at the hands of humans.

Mostly, it just sounds better.

Response recorded on October 19, 2000