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Eliza Pettit writes...

Dear Greg, I was looking at Todd Jensen's questions on Roswell Conspiracies and since I am a fan Roswell Conspiracies... Please answer these questions:

1. I was wondering where you got the Vampire anatomy/body-structure from. Were you thinking of the Lamia, when you designed the Vamps, or was there another source of inspiration?

2. This is a strange question, but who are the male counterparts of the Banshee. Are they parthogenic, or do they actually have consorts which wasn't shown in the series? And how old is Queen Mab supposed to be?

3. What was the basic premise in the episode "Father of Terror". Who is Sethaka, and I was wondering how a thousand year-old Vampire could be resurrected? [Because I missed it, and it hasn't been showing repeats in the U.K.]

I'd be extremely grateful if you could take some time to answer these, since you are the main founder of both Gargoyles and Roswell Conspiracies.

Greg responds...

I have never seen the show. I wrote a pilot (but not THE pilot they ultimately used). People who attended Gathering 1999 in Dallas heard a Radio Play version of my pilot. Otherwise, I had no involvement in the series (unless Bohbot kept some of my concepts without telling me).

So I'm afraid I can't answer any of your Roswell questions.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001