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Anonymous writes...

I'm realy curious about wat you think are the best episodes of Gargoyles.
And, looking back, which episodes do you think should have been done differently or maybe even not at all ?

Greg responds...

There are no episodes that I wish I hadn't done. There were reasons, short- and long-term for every single one. Some episodes don't look very good, and I think the bad animation hurt everyone's overall impression of those episodes' stories. I obviously wish we had brilliant animation on every episode.
Of couse, some episodes were better written than others, but on the page they were all decent scripts. Sometimes we intentionally made unusual change of pace story choices to shake things up. "The Mirror," "Future Tense," "Avalon, Part II," "Night of the Panther," "Vendettas" and "Revelations" are a few examples of this. It's for you all to decide how successful we were.
But I'm very proud of all the stories we told and fairly proud of how all the episodes turned out, given the various constraints (mostly time constraints) that we were under.
There was some great material that didn't get into some episodes because I'm pretty notorious for delivering long scripts. None of it was essential, but some of it was great stuff that I wish you guys could have seen.
There were two story beats I missed until too late, and it really drives me crazy, even today. One was in "The Hound of Ulster". Cu Chullain's armor and bones should have been in the chamber where Banshee imprisoned Elisa, Goliath and Angela. The other was in "Grief". I should have let Coyote kill Elisa, Goliath, Angela and Bronx in the mastaba. If I had been paying attention, I would have noticed that with Anubis imprisoned, the heroes could not die. It would have been much more effective and would have tied in cleaner with the story than what we did do. A horrible missed opportunity. Oh, well.
As to my favorites, well it's hard. My single favorite episode is "The Mirror". Great animation, a great premise, a great story, great character work and....IT'S FUNNY. I'm proud of that, because I got some flack from people who didn't get it in script. They thought it was too complicated.
But the conceit played clear and well on screen, and the jokes still play great.
After "The Mirror", I immediately think of our multi-parters. "Awakening" got it all started and has some gorgeous stuff in there. "City of Stone" really expanded our whole universe and has some of our most honest emotions in it. Plus the Scotish History and Shakespeare and the whole stone human premise stuff is all great as far as I'm concerned. "Avalon" is more rocky, but I'm fond of it. "The Gathering" was hell to produce but had these great revelations in there. Titania's so good at the end there it still makes me smile. And "Hunter's Moon" really tied everything up wonderfully, with great animation, a powerful story, some terrific character work and an ending that left us open to do more, but could still be viewed as the end of a novel.
What next? There are some obvious choices. Although I think it's interesting that the first ones that my mind goes to tend to be the ones that had the best animation. "High Noon," "Future Tense" and "M.I.A." for example, though all also have other reasons why I like them so much. M.I.A.
has Douglas Bader in it and was sort of written for my father. Bader was/is a real hero to my dad. My whole family went with Sir Douglas and his wife to Disneyland once when I was a kid.
"Deadly Force" was probably our most important story. A very powerful episode. "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" was another powerful one, but it suffered from having mediocre animation.
I have a personal fondness for "Vendettas" and "The Journey". I like Vinnie a lot more than most of you. Plus I voice directed Vendettas and personally wrote the script for Journey, so I'm even less objective about those two than I am about the rest. Still, I do believe that if either episode had had the kind of animation that "The Mirror" had you'd all like them a lot, lot more.
"Vendettas" in particular depended on comic timing that the animators didn't give us. I also tell myself that Journey would have been better if I had produced it. At least, I wouldn't have messed with my script, reordering scenes and making dumb errors like having Goliath glide off at the end of the episode after making a huge deal over the fact that his wing was injured and he couldn't glide.
How many have I listed? Twenty? Thirty? I could easily keep going.
There's something I like in every single episode. It's like choosing from one's children.
So I'll just shut up now.