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White Lady writes...

Hi there, Greg. I just want to say I think Roswell Conspiracies, Max Steel and Gargoyles rock this world... If you don't mind, please could you take some time to answer these questions?

1. In "The Partnership", what did Hanek [Vampire Leader] see as perfect in Joanna Wickham - Simon Fitzpatrick's old flame. And why didn't he choose Nema, or some-one connected to the Alliance?

2. Did Hanek ever have a romantic involvement with Valra, the over-ambitious red-head? [Before she turned renegade].

3. How old was Hanek suppposed to be?

By the way, I think the Gargoyles Forum/Questions section is really interesting and intellectual! Thank you, see ya!

Greg responds...

I literally don't know ANYTHING about the version of Roswell Conspiracies that hit the air. I didn't work on it and have never seen it.

I wrote the original pilot. Which the people at Bohbot threw away (or so I'm told). I do know that they were contractually obligated not to use the NAMES I used.

Response recorded on May 08, 2001