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Anne Marie writes...

I have been looking for 4 days and i can'tget an answer si I'm hoppen that you can help me please All I want to know is what place is 800 miles east of Montreal Canada And what place is 800 miles weast of Montreal
I hope you can answer this for me Greg
Maybe it's not a very inporten question but it is to me
I Don't know if u need my email to send me an anser but i'm going to give it to youn
cause I would be great ful to u if u would send me a answer please Tank you so much Yours Turly Anne Marie

Greg responds...

Anne Marie,

This is not a general information site. For the most part it's designed to answer questions about the GARGOYLES animated series, and other related topics. General geography is not one of my specialties.

As to your question, I have no idea of the answers off the top of my head, and assuming TWO YEARS LATER that -- as unlikely as it sounds, you are still interested...

Well, kiddo, you can check a map as easily as I can.

Response recorded on May 19, 2004