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LSZ writes...

Afterlife questions:

We already know that an afterlife and reincarnation exist in the Garg universe, and that humans and gargoyles both have it, and some stuff about the fae, so..

1) Would you elaborate on teh fae having a potential for an afterlife now?
2) Can fae be reincarnated?
3) Do New Olympians have an afterlife like humans and gargoyles, or do they just have the potential like fae?
4) Do Gargoyle beasts, whales/dolphins and apes have an afterlife?
5) Do other animals have an afterlife?
6) Do gargoyles and humans go to the same afterlife?
7) Do the Space-spawn have an afterlife?
8) Would truly sentient AI achieve one?

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. Maybe.

3. Yes.

4. Maybe.

5. Maybe.

6. Maybe.

7. Maybe.

8. Maybe.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001