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Todd Jensen writes...

A thought that I've had from time to time. In the Gargoyles Universe in the 1990's, a great many "ancient heroes" are being revived in various means all over the planet. Goliath and his clan are awakened from their stone sleep in New York after being trapped by the Magus's spell for a thousand years. King Arthur is awakened from his enchanted sleep on Avalon and returns to the modern world. The Golem is revived in Prague. Cuchulain is reborn as Rory Dugan. (And I could probably add one or two additional heroes who parallel the pattern if ones who are not quite of it - Natsilane finally accepts his destiny on Queen Florence Island, Griff is brought from the Battle of Britain to the 1990's by Goliath to later on join forces with King Arthur, Dingo and the Matrix join forces in Australia, Anansi creates two new werepanthers who, after becoming free of him, decide to become protectors in Nigeria, and the New Olympians at last decide to make contact with the outside world).

My question is: is there an "internal reason" for all these heroes being reawakened in the Gargoyles Universe at approximately the same time? I can guess at the "external reason" (more threads, to form a richer tapestry for the Gargoyles Universe and more stories), but did you develop an "internal reason" for it?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 14, 2000