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Anonymous writes...

First off, I know you've heard this a thousand times but,I just have to say Thank you, both for creating the show and for coming here to Station 8 to answer our questions. My question is : Is there any relationship between Oberon's Children and the New Olympians? The reason I ask is because in "The Gathering" there are some fae in the background who look like characters from Greek mythology (specifically Pegasus, a centaur, and a figure that looks more like Medusa than the one in "The New Olympians"). Were these two groups related at some point in the distant past (like when the Greek civilization was begiining to rise)? And if so, why did they split?

Greg responds...

Keep in mind, that most of the fae can take on any form that strikes their fancy. Appearances can be deceiving.
But yes, there is a relationship. With a few exceptions, the current New Olympians are descendants of a group of very mortal "gods and monsters" who chose to retire from humanity and set up shop on New Olympus. These original Olympians were the mortal children of human-fae liasons. (There's more to it than that, but that's the short answer.) Fox and Alexander are basically New Olympians. Sort of. Not really. But you get the idea.
Among the exceptions that I mentioned are the New Olympian Gargoyles, who have full New Olympian citizenship, but are descended from gargoyles, not from humans or fae. Another obvious exception is the robot Talos, who was built centuries ago and has been rebuilt and upgraded more times than anyone has bothered to count.
[Now what's fascinating to me is that I actually answered that question and didn't get cute or evasive. All of the above is info that I hadn't planned on revealing, but, hey, catch me at the right moment and I might even tell you that Brooklyn's kids are named NASHVILLE and TACHI. Doh!]