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Anonymous writes...

Cuchullain in the legends was capable of turning into his monstrous warped form so is the Rory Cuchullain capable of that feat?
I know you said that Cuchullain was suppose to be your version of Thor, but could you tell us how Rory was turned into Cuchullain since the Spear wasn¡¯t even close in power with Thor¡¯s hammer and the Spear of light in the myths never has such power?

Greg responds...

I'm confident I never said that Cuchullain was supposed to be my version of Thor. If anything, I was concerned that the character was TOO Thor-like.

I've also admitted that I'm not quite familiar enough with the Cuchullain legend. Before I used the character again, I'd get my ducks in a row research-wise.

Response recorded on October 16, 2001