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Todd Jensen writes...

A question about the Archmage in "Avalon". In "Avalon Part Two", the "enhanced Archmage" tells his former self that the 20th century world has become a place of science, with weapons as powerful as any magic. My question is: how did he know this? After all, from all that we can tell, all his time in the modern world during the time loop (and even after it) was spent on Avalon rather than in the outside world, and so he wouldn't have had the opportunity to discover the changes in the outside world for himself.

Or did he actually know this? Or was he just saying that because he'd already heard himself saying it in the time loop when he was the "original Archmage"?

Greg responds...

The latter.

Though he 'existed' in time more than you think. Watch Avalon 3 carefully, and see if you can see where he might have taken a little journey.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000