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TheCickenmonkey writes...

Hello Greg,

This is my first time posting a question, but I have been reading this site for a little less then a year now. First off I would like to say that Gargoyles is my favorite American animated program.

My question is in refrence to the Archmage's "time travel journey", just in case Todd Jensen's guess is(or by the time you read this, was) incorrect. Did the Archmage take his trip between the scences when he leaves Avalon("I thought he'd never leave" scene), and when he goes to save his former self from from falling down the cliff? I would think this would be the best place to put it, I think it is the only time when he uses the Phenix Gate with himself as the only traveler. BTW if Mr. Jensen's placement of the trip is correct I am sorry for wasting your time and for assuming he was incorrect before the question was answered.

As almost everybody does I would like to thank you greatly for giving us the gift that is Gargoyles:D

Greg responds...

You're welcome. And I'm glad you decided to post. But Todd was right. Sorry.

Response recorded on September 14, 2000