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John writes...

Hi Greg,
a question about time traveling: In an episode (I forget the name of it) Goliath says, that time couldnt been changed during a time traveling. But how is it then possible, that he could save Griff in London?
So, lets think further: if someone really could change time, I won´t know, what happens, if someone REALLY evil encounters Brooklyn on his time travels. He could easily steal the gate, travel to castle Wyvern in the past and could destroy all of the Gargoyles in stone form. OUCH!
I hope, you have thought about that writing M.I.A.
CU, John

Greg responds...

Hey John,

You just didn't follow the story. That may be my fault, but I think perhaps you weren't paying close attention. Goliath was able to save Griff because he had already saved Griff. It was his future, so he didn't know about it yet, but it was the world's past, and it had already happened. He didn't CHANGE history, he fulfilled it.

Remember that Leo and Una recognized Goliath from 1940 at the very beginning of the episode -- before Goliath had gone there from -- and this is important -- from his point of view. It was only from Goliath's point of view that the action was playing forward. In linear time it had already happened.

Does that help?

Response recorded on September 21, 2000