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Vashkoda writes...

I asked you before if the Lost Race left behind any relics or artifacts, and you answered yes.

1a) Have we seen any of these artifacts/relics in the episodes that have aired? b) Which episode(s)? c) Who discovered them?

2a) If we haven't yet seen any such relics, in which spinoff(s) do you plan on presenting one/some? b) Who discovers it/them?

3a) Does Oberon know about the Lost Race? b) Does Merlin? c) Does Duval? d) Does Hudson?

4) Do you plan on making the Lost Race a recurring subject in future spinoff episodes, or are you only interested in introducing them in one or a few eps?

Greg responds...

I'm not giving details on any of this at this time.

Response recorded on November 09, 2000