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Gipdac writes...

1) In 2198, is Delilah the leader of the Labyrinth clan?
2) Was Delilah the leader of the Labyrinth clan before the events of march 2198?
3) You said Delilah knows that she is descendant from the original Delilah, does that mean she wasn't raised in a community rookery?
4) If she was, were all of the Labyrinth eggs raised individually or in community rookeries?
5) If she wasn't, then how did she know she was descendant from original Delilah?

Greg responds...

1. Not initially.

2. No.

3. It doesn't mean that, no.

4. Not saying.

5. Well, it will be visually obvious for starters. Otherwise, I'm not saying.

Response recorded on November 02, 2001