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Anonymous writes...

(1) I was wondering--what happened to the Guatamalan gargoyles? I don't want to guess, 'cause that'd be breaking the rules. What did Broadway end up doing with that amulet? (2)Also, I wanted to say that I'm really glad that you and Reaves'll be involved in the movie. (3) Also, were you planning on introducing lots of new characters? (4) When did you decide that Owen and Puck should be the same person? (5) What's your favorite episode of Gargoyles? (6) What were the plans for what was going to happen between Matt and theIlluminati? (7) Are there any gargoyles that are members of the Illuminati? (8) If all the stone statues are supposed to look alike (like I've heard as an explanation for the Brandon-Margot thing before, among other things) whydoes Elisa look like Elisa, and Owen look like Owen? (9) When Xanatos talked about it not being a good idea "mixing magics," was he referring to Puck in some way? (10) What kinds of magic are there in the Gargoyles universe? (11) How
long are Fox and Alex going to live (that is, if Mr. X DOESN'T reach his goal of being immortal), since they're part Third Race? (12) What does "Third Race" mean, anyway? I've heard it referred to numerous times. (13) Why won't Disney sell the rights to Gargoyles? (14) I've heard rumors that Mr. Xanatos'name was decided on by picking a name out of a phone book--is that true? (15) Last, but not least, was it even remotely planned that so many Star Trekactors would voice-act on Gargoyles? As a fan of both ST and Gargoyles, Ithink it's really great. ::whew:: That's a lot of questions.
Sorry ifsome've been asked before; don't worry 'bout answering if they had.
Thanks, and this place is great!

Greg responds...

As usual, I've added numbers to your questions to make them easier to answer. No other editing was done.
1. Thanks for not breaking the rules. Jade & Turquesa eventually returned to Guatemala after dropping the plants off in Avalon and making a couple of other quest-type stops. I had plans for Zafiro to come in search of the Sun Amulet, which is still in Broadway's possession.
2. I'm glad your glad, but let's take everything one step at a time.
Nothing much has been done on the movie yet. We'll see how truly involved we are when the thing gets rolling.
3. Where? In the movie? If we had done more episodes? I guess the answers probably yes, either way.
4. I didn't exactly decide. I realized Owen was Puck about 12 hours after I decided to put Puck into the series. At almost the exact same time, Lydia Marano and Brynne Reaves realized the same thing independently. That confirmed we were on the right track.
5. I've answered this fully elsewhere. My favorite single episode is "The Mirror", but I like all 66 that I worked on, particularly the multi-parters.
6. I'm not going into this now.
7. Maybe.
8. That was a joke.
9. Yes.
10. Mortal Sorcery. Fae magic. Talisman magic. Location magic. Ghostly illusions and telikinetics. Just to name a few.
11. Until they die.
12. Gargoyle hatchlings are taught in the rookery that there are three races. Gargoyles. Humans. And Oberon's Children. The fae are the third race from the Gargoyle point of view. (To themselves, I'm sure the fair folk feel that they're number one.)
13. Why would they? Why give up something with long-term income potential?
And by the way, who exactly is lining up to buy the rights? No one with nearly enough money, I'll tell you that.
14. Sort of. Xanatos' orignal name was Xavier, which we dropped because of Professor X from the X-Men. But I still wanted a name that had that same kind of sound to it. It's a subjective thing, but I liked it. I thought of Thanatos, which is the name of the Greek God of death, which seemed cool. X and TH sounds are often exchanged. So I tried Xanatos.
Everyone liked the sound of it. Later, I checked the phone book, and the name was there, (different first name though). It all seemed to fit. The name David was chosen because Goliath's name was Goliath. The hero/villain role reversal of David & Goliath was too perfect to resist. I have on occasion abbreviated the above story by simply saying I found it in the phone book. But usually I only do that when someone says the name sounds phony or cartoony.
15. It wasn't planned. I think I've answered this, but who remembers?
Marina nailed her audition right out of the gate. Jonathan had a more competitive field, but after a few false starts he got the job. After that, it was natural when we were casting new characters to think about the gang from the various Trek shows. Michael, Brent, Nichelle, Colm, Kate, Le Var, etc. They did great work for us.