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Aris Katsaris writes...

292: fiery
293: personality

Soon the time will come when only a handful of guesses will remain - I guess that then a number of people will try to post the entire text so as to win the second prize of the contest.

Since the text's many pages long, and since you *do* tell us which guesses are correct and which aren't, and since the texts will have only one-word variations between them, I think it might be better if you just said that the guy or gal who fills in the last blank wins the second prize - with no need to post the *entire* text.

What do you think? I'm just trying to find ways to avoid dozens of pages of text being posted with little or no difference between them...

Greg responds...

HEY! That's a good idea. I already cancelled the second contest. But will play it this way. One prize for the guy or gal with the most points. And one for the person who comes up with that last pesky answer.

Response recorded on November 01, 2000