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Anonymous writes...

Hy Greg, here´s another bunch of questions:

1.) When you state the age of a gargoyle, is this age counted from the
hatching, or from the laying of the egg?

2.) When the Emir enprisoned Anubis, Anubis stated, that with him
locked away, nobody would die. Does this a) mean that death is "unnatural" and
onley happens because the third race doesn´t want to have to many of
the first two run around, or b) was Anubis simpley connected to death

3.) If the answer is b, then how did this connection start?

4.) Would Anubis be able to let one of the third race die at all, if
Oberon would object ?

5.) When Demona and Xanatos reanimated Coldstone, the souls of three
gargoyles were reanimated within one body, cause they used parts of
three shattered Gargoyles. Coldstone also stated, there were nothing he
remembered after going to sleep this morning, so he didn´t have any
afterlife experience at all. a) Does this mean that a gargoyle who is
shattered during the day is not "technically" dead and b) that his soul
is still present in the shards?

6.) Does Xanatos have anymore parts of shattered gargoyles in his

7.) When Xanatos tried to make ammends by seperating the 3 souls, why
did he go for robot bodies instead of extracting the DNA from Coldstones
bodyparts and cloning "real" bodies from it? I take it, he hasn´t quit
genetics completeley after Sevarius went his own ways...


Greg responds...

1. Hatching.

2. The latter.

3. Now that would be telling.

4. Huh?

5. Not necessarily.

6. Nothing significant.

7. Can't clone stone.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998