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Anonymous writes...

A few quick ones.

1. I know you probably want to be elusive about the "Hobgoblin of Little
Minds" episode. But was it the "very strange little two-parter" that you
once said was "too risky" to be made? If so, in what respect was it risky?
1b. Was Puck the hobgoblin of the title?

2. I've forgotten if I've asked this before. Oh, well. Have you remembered
yet what book Goliath was reading in "Avalon" pt I when he stayed behind
in the clock tower to finish it?

3. You've mentioned before a story you had in mind dealing with the
clocktower itself. Since the clocktower has been destroyed and you can't
do the story (so you wouldn't be spoiling anything we'd have a chance to
see), would you mind telling us what it was about?

4. Will you be at the Gathering 98? If so, are you planning on showing the
same videos (BAD GUYS leica reel, etc) that you did last year? I wouldn't
mind seeing those again. :)

IP: grmn-105ppp69.epix.net

Greg responds...

1. No. That two-parter wasn't risky per se, but it was highly
sophisticated even by GARGOYLES standards. I think we could have done it,
but the higher ups rejected it. It was the ONLY plotline they did reject.
Given how cooperative they were otherwise, it was hard to argue the point.

1b. It's not that simple.
2. No. Maybe the next time I see the episode, it'll come back to
3. I just answered that one. It might be in this very post. IF
not, check the recent archives.
4. I hope to be there. I have my plane tickets, as of today (7/22)
I'm waiting for a confirmation on my hotel room. When I get that, I'll make
an official announcement. I will bring those videos again. If the majority
want to see them again, I'll show 'em. But I'm planning to bring some stuff
none of you have seen as well.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998